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Willis Willow Farm- Closed until further notice for maintenance.
Thank you for supporting your local farmer!
Farm Tour Animal Encounters

Come join the fun and meet our family of furry friends! When you first arrive you will meet our flock of more than 60 free-range chickens who love to get treats and welcome people to the farm, two guardian donkeys who absolutely crave getting their ears rubbed, and three Tennessee fainting goats who will tickle your fingers as they eat grain right out of your hand. But that’s not all, you will fall in love with the pigs, Fat Pete, in all of his 300lb plus glory, along with his sidekick Mr. Bean as well as our boarding and foster horses, and the TikTok famous Tiko the pony. After we have emptied our treat buckets, we will restock and head over to meet the full-size horses, Renegade, Cookie and Fred. For those who want to spend just a little more time on the farm, Fast Foot Freddy, our Appaloosa/curly hair horse mix, will be standing by for rides as an extra add-on you can select during farm tour signups.

Birthday Party

Asking yourself why you should come to the farm for a birthday party? That’s simple, why not? Kids and adults simply LOVE the birthday experience on the farm! We offer small group parties that include a private two-hour tour along with a scavenger hunt that offers prizes at the end for all the kiddos. A table and tent may be provided (on request) should you need a place to offer a sweet treat for your guests.

Team Building Party

Are you looking for a way to bring your team together outside the monotony of the office? Our team building farm tour encounter provides just the mental relief you and your co-workers are needing! Come experience the zen of cuddling chickens, donkeys, goats, and horses instead of loading paper into the printer or answering emails, or having to constantly interact with “know-it-all” Bob at the coffee machine.

Honey Bees
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