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After more than 20 years of supporting abandoned dogs through fostering, our passion for helping unwanted animals grew to include farm animals of all kinds….pigs, goats, mini-donkeys, horses, chickens and more. We love them all! Willis Willow Farm Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit, 501c3 , committed to providing a safe place for unwanted farm animals who simply need a place to live and be loved.


Become A Water Warrior

Want to join us in making a difference? Countless hours are spent simply walking buckets of water around the farm multiple times per day to ensure the animals are cared for properly. The Ritchie watering system will be life-changing for the farm and will allow the volunteers to spend more time socializing and providing enrichment for the rescued pigs, donkeys, horses, and more!

Fat Pete

No judgement here, we simply call it like we see it and we say that with love. Sweet Pete is learning that people are going to be nice to him and if that means he gets daily treats, so be it! Support Pete’s watermelon and strawberry (oh, and animal crackers, shhh) addiction with a gift today and receive a special thank you from the big boy himself!


The ladies in our flock have found their way to us in many different ways. An elderly couple needed support when they could no longer care for their hens, so we brought them home. A 4-H program participant ended up with too many birds and asked for help, so we welcomed them to the farm. A farm favorite, Hopper, was injured and now serves as the surrogate mom for babies who enter our program.

Helpful Hay Hero

Hay is for horses and goats, and donkeys, and pigs, and the list goes on. Our annual hay expenses well exceed $2000 per year. We are always searching for hay heroes willing to donate square or round bales of hay to the animals, or a sponsor who is willing to financially support these necessary purchases!

Support Special Projects

We are expanding! Help us create the perfect Billy Goat’s Gruff. The goat habitat is great, but we want to help more goats in need. This expansion will allow us to give more enrichment opportunities to our current residents as well as create space for future friends in need.



Also known as “Fast Foot Freddy”, this curly-haired rodeo extraordinaire is a welcomed addition to the farm. In all honesty, his name might be a little misleading since Fred really enjoys slow and relaxed days grazing in the fields next to his ladies, Cookie and Renegade. But when the saddle comes out, Fred knows it’s time to work and he is extremely patient with all of his riders. Fred’s care is fully sponsored.


This gorgeous dun quarter horse is the reason we have horses on the farm. Chief Chicken Chaser (CCC), Josh, saw this beauty on the internet and fell in love with her instantly. Cookie found herself in rescue after the family that had taken care of her for her entire life passed away and she had nowhere else to go. Cookie’s riding and working days are long behind her now and she serves as the farm’s official pasture ornament. Cookie is fully sponsored!


This beautiful redhead was once in training to become a racehorse, but those trying days are behind her now. She found her way to a local rescue and when we met her, we fell in love. Renegade now spends her days with her sister, Cookie, grazing the field, learning to trust people again, and thriving with positive training and support. We are thrilled to share that Renegade’s care is fully sponsored.


Always at Willow’s side, Mayflower is our boss-donkey who protects our chicken flock with the goats (even when they annoy her). She is a very sweet and affectionate girl despite the years of abuse and neglect she suffered in the hoarding situation she was found in. Willow’s superpower is making people feel relaxed while she cuddles up next to them and encourages them to never, ever stop petting her. This amazing girl is fully sponsored!


We see many animals survive neglectful situations but Willow’s state of abuse was one of the worst we had seen. She was underweight and missing most of her hair due to the poor nutrition she received with more than 70 other animals crammed in a field. We are proud to share that this girl has found her confidence and is part of the farm tour crew you will get to meet when you visit! Willow’s care has been fully sponsored.

Tater, Morrigan & Mandy Sue

The three-amigos of brush cleanout and lawn care. These guys are genuine Tennessee Fainting Goats and were once on the endangered species list but have now been transitioned to the recovering breed list. And in case you are wondering, no we do not scare them on purpose! They fall over and have to reboot quite enough on their own! Tater, Morrigan, and Mandy Sue are supported in partnership with the Livestock Conservancy organization as they are committed to protecting America’s endangered livestock.

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